Tennis Elbow Treatment (At Home)

This blog post offers effective exercises and strategies to help treat your own Tennis Elbow at home. What is Tennis Elbow? “Tennis Elbow” is a condition which involves an injury to the tendons in the elbow. It is associated with pain on the outer side of the elbow/forearm. (It is also referred to as “Lateral … Read more

Shoulder Impingement Exercises

This blog post is a comprehensive guide which offers effective exercises and strategies to help fix Shoulder Impingement. What is Shoulder Impingement? Shoulder Impingement refers to the shoulder condition where there is compression of the following shoulder structures: Subacromial Bursa and Supraspinatus tendon. 1. Subacromial Bursa The Subacromial Bursa is a fluid-filled sac structure in the … Read more

40 Effective Bunion Exercises

A big toe Bunion is a bony prominence at the base of the big toe. It is associated with the: Apart from the obvious aesthetic issue, it can also lead to big toe joint pain. Bunion Exercises Content: A. Shoes Poor fitting shoe wear can lead to the compression of the big toe which can … Read more

Exercises To Fix Pigeon Toe

What is Pigeon Toe? Pigeon Toe is a postural issue where the feet point inwards. This can be observed whilst walking or in the standing position. Ideally – the feet should be pointing forwards/slightly outwards. (It is also referred to as In-Toeing.) Table Of Contents Test For Pigeon Toe Not sure if you have Pigeon … Read more

Exercises To Fix A Winged Scapula

This blog post contains effective exercises, stretches and strategies to help fix a Winged Scapula. What Is A Winged Scapula? A Winged Scapula (also known as Scapula Alata) is when the medial (inner) border of the shoulder blade protrudes off the rib cage. (Ideally – it should conform to the shape of the rib cage.) … Read more

Scoliosis Exercises

This blog post will cover the best Scoliosis exercises to help straighten the spine! What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis refers to a spinal deformity which involves the presence of a lateral curvature (side bending) in the Thoracic and/or Lumbar spine. (Additionally – there is influence from the position of the rib cage and rotation of the … Read more

How To Fix Hunchback Posture

What is Hunchback posture? Hunchback Posture (also known as having a pronounced Thoracic Kyphosis) is where the upper back is excessively rounded forward. The thoracic spine forms a curved-like appearance (… which resembles the letter “C”). In This Blog Post What causes a Hunchback posture? Here are 7 different causes of the Hunchback Posture. Which … Read more

How To Fix Flat Back Posture

What Is A Flat Back Posture? Flat Back Posture is a type of posture that is characterized by the lack of natural curves in the spine. As a result – the alignment of the spine (as viewed from the side) is flatter than normal. In This Blog Post: Characteristics Of Flat Back Posture (Note: The … Read more

How To Fix Duck Feet Posture

This blog post covers effective exercises and strategies to help fix your Duck Feet Posture. What is Duck feet posture? Duck Feet Posture is a postural deviation where the feet are pointing outwards. (The opposite of this would be Pigeon Toe where the feet point inwards.) In This Blog Post: How can you tell if … Read more