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I am a Physiotherapist who is obsessed with posture.

If you want to fix your posture but have no idea where to start, then this website was made specifically for you!

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// Why is posture so important?

Sitting... You’re probably doing it right now… And I bet you’re doing it wrongly.

Did you know that your sitting posture may be the #1 cause of your pain?

Your body works at its best when it is in its correct postural alignment.

With bad posture, structures such as your muscles and joints become over loaded. (…especially if you sit down all day!)

If left unaddressed, this could potentially lead to pain and stiffness!

// Why is it important to take immediate action now:

“Yeah yeah, I’ll do it later…”
No! – Now is not the time to put this off.

  • A simple problem now can escalate to a complex problem later if you let your poor posture to continue to exist.
  • Your poor posture will not only affect you at work, it may also place you at a higher risk of injury in other areas of your life such as exercise and sports.
  • Prevent chronic and permanent damage such as osteoarthritis and joint degeneration.
  • It may cost you more than $500 to address your issue from a health professional when it could have been easily prevented.

// What is the Ideal posture?

The ideal sitting posture can be illustrated as a straight line through the ear canal, shoulder joint, thorax/ribs, pelvis and the hips.

You can click here to find out more in depth information about the ideal sitting posture.

// … Where do I start?

Here are a list of the most common postural problems.

1. Forward head posture

forward head posture

Check out this post: Forward head posture correction.

2. Rounded shouldersrounded shoulders

Check out this post: How to fix Rounded shoulders.

3. Hunchback posture

hunchback posture

Check out this post: Hunchback posture: Fix it now!.

4. Scoliosis


Check out this post: Scoliosis exercises

5. Winged Scapula

winged scapula

Check out this post: Exercises to fix a Winged Scapula.

6. Flared Ribs

flared ribs

Check out this post: Flared ribs.

7. Hyperlordosis

Check out this post: Fix your Hyperlordosis (Arched back).

8. Anterior pelvic tilt

anterior pelvic tilt

Check out this post: How to fix an Anterior pelvic tilt.

9. Sway back posture

sway back posture

Check out this post: How to fix a Sway back posture.

10. Knee valgus

knee valgus

Check out this post: How to fix knee valgus.

11. Flat feet

flat feet

Check out this post: How to fix flat feet.

The 3 most common questions:

1. “I have had my bad posture for [insert number] years… Can it still be fixed?

Generally speaking – the longer you have had your bad posture, the harder it will be to influence any change.

However, having seen many patients with longstanding postural issues, I have found that there is always something that we can improve on.

2. “How long is it going to take?”

This is definitely one of the most commonly asked question I get.

… And to be completely honest with you, my answer is I really don’t know.

Everybody is different! It would be impossible for me to tell you.

My advice: Focus on consistent small improvements over a long period of time.

3. “Can one really achieve “perfect” posture?”

Let me throw a question back at you:

Can one really be 100% perfect in anything?

The answer is no.

… But that should not stop you from trying to achieve the best posture in ourselves.

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