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I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share with you exactly what I have learnt and practiced over the past 10 years as a physiotherapist.

If you couldn’t tell already… POSTURE IS MY PASSION!

And with this blog, it is my mission to bring the most comprehensive and effective strategies for fixing your posture!

(… I hope that I have helped you in one way or another)

Although everything on my blog is provided free of charge, I have been receiving messages from quite a few of you who would like to show your support.

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9 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. I stumbled across your website while looking for inspiration in rehab exercises. I am blown away! As practicing ATC for 15 years I am impressed with the advice given and accessibility you provide. It can be challenging expressing complex issues, but you have done an excellent job breaking it down in a way that’s easily understood. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Mark,

    It appears that your “Anterior Pelvic Shift” page is automatically redirecting to the “Anterior Pelvic Tilt” page, and I cannot access it for some reason?

    • Hey Edmond,

      I need to re-do the anterior pelvic shift blog post so I have taken it down for a bit. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      If you have an anterior pelvic shift with posterior pelvic tilt, this blog post can help with that: Sway Back Posture.


  3. Hi Mark. Thanks for the website. Great info.
    Have you ever dealt with anyone whose legs have collapsed while running due to pressure on a nerve? I have anterior pelvic tilt and slightly rounded upper back. I was running 50 / 60 miles a week until this happened to me last month.
    I have been told piriformis could squeeze sciatic nerve – but I suspect poor posture has aggravated nerve. Unfortunately, there’s no clear information out there!

    • Hey Garry,

      Yes – You can definitely get weakness in the legs from a compressed nerve.

      If you suspect a tight piriformis is compressing the sciatica nerve, consider performing piriformis stretches on that side.

      You may also benefit from checking out this blog post: Sciatic nerve exercises.

      I also recommend getting assessed by a healthcare professional to specifically identify which nerve is compressed and the exact location of compression.


  4. Hi Mark!

    I’ve looked at your website a few times now and it’s already helped me immensely. I used to be a competitive strongman who never bothered to do enough of the prehab/rehab/corrective etc (go figure). I’ve kinda passed the point of aches stopping me from working out and moved into the aches affecting just everyday life now, which kinda sucks. I’ve gone to a couple of local physical therapists (not exactly for a short time, either) and neither one pointed out any of the stuff I found on your site about the hip hitch/twisted hips etc, which is what I started doing and what immediately started making me feel better. So, I just wondered if you by chance do any remote work with people. Thanks for an awesome website.

    • Hey Fred,

      Thanks for leaving me a comment.

      Unfortunately – I don’t work with patients remotely at the moment.

      Was there something in particular you needed help with? I can try to help if you outline your issues here.




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