Exercises To Improve Hip External Rotation

Hip External Rotation is the movement where the upper leg bone (Femur) rotates outwards within the hip socket. It is important to have full external rotation in the hip to allow for optimal movement. This blog post offers a complete guide on how to increase the amount of external rotation in the hip. Hip External … Read more

Exercises for Trapezius Muscle Pain Relief

This blog post provides the best exercises, stretches and strategies to help fix Trapezius muscle pain (Trapezius Myalgia). Pain in the Trapezius muscle (particularly in the area between the neck and shoulder) is a problem experienced by many people. A Trapezius strain can lead to symptoms such as: Exercises for Trapezius Muscle Pain STEP 1: … Read more

10 Effective Hip Hinge Exercises

The hip hinge is a movement which involves bending forwards at the hip whilst keeping the spine in a neutral position. Importance of the Hip Hinge: This blog post covers 10 different ways to perform a hip hinge (… all of which can be performed in the comfort of your own home!). 10 Hip Hinge … Read more

How To Fix A Chest Muscle Strain

This blog post covers the exact steps that you should immediately take following a chest muscle strain/pull. A strain to the chest region usually involves an injury to the Pectoralis Major and/or Pectoralis Minor (.. and occasionally to the Intercostal muscles). A chest muscle strain is usually caused when an accustomed load is placed on … Read more

How To Fix A Thrown Out Back

A “Thrown Out Back” refers to experiencing an acute episode of lower back pain. This blog post is a comprehensive guide on how to self treat a thrown out back as quickly (…and as thoroughly!) as possible. Symptoms Of a Thrown Out Back: Causes: You may experience a thrown out back when you place an … Read more

Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis Exercises

The Tibialis Posterior tendon tends to get injured in the inner side of the ankle/foot. This can lead to inflammation of the Tibialis Posterior tendon (called Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis). This blog post contains the best exercises to help fix Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis. How To Fix Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis STEP 1: Reduce AggravationSTEP 2: Address InflammationSTEP … Read more

Tibialis Anterior Stretches (7 Ways!)

This blog post contains the 7 best Tibialis Anterior Stretches to help loosen up your tight shin. Before you start the stretches, it is recommended to release the Tibialis Anterior to reduce tension in the muscle. Tibialis Anterior Release Instructions: How to Stretch the Tibialis Anterior Remember: 1. Stretch with Hand Instructions: 2. Standing Tibialis … Read more

12 Best Deltoid Stretches

This blog post lists 12 of the best Deltoid Stretches to help loosen up your tight shoulder muscles. Release the Deltoid Before starting the stretches, is it recommended to release the tight deltoid first with the following technique: Instructions: How To Stretch the Deltoid The Deltoid consists of the 3 regions that can get tight: … Read more

How To Fix Pain on Inside Of Knee

Do you have pain on the inside of the knee? (Also referred to having “Medial Knee Pain”) This Blog Post Contains: 5 Common Injuries That Cause Pain On Inside Of Knee The following are the 5 most common injuries that can cause pain to the inner region of the knee. 1. Knee Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is … Read more

The 13 Best Rectus Femoris Stretches

This blog post contains 13 different ways to perform Rectus Femoris stretches. How To Release The Rectus Femoris Before you start the stretches, I strongly encourage you to loosen up the tight Rectus Femoris muscle with the following release technique. Instructions: How To Stretch The Rectus Femoris The following Rectus Femoris stretches have been ordered … Read more