FREE E-book: How to set up your workstation

ATTENTION: Your workstation setup may be the cause of your bad posture!

Well… You’re in luck! I have decided to give away this FREE e-book that I wrote to help you address this very problem!

This e-book will guide you through the simple strategies on how to adjust your workstation to fit you.

How to set up your workstation big

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to do something about your posture! This e-book may just be the exact thing that you need to read today.

What’s in the e-book?

  • Components of the ideal sitting posture
  • How to setup your workstation
  • The 7 effective workstation exercises
  • Bonus giveaway: Printable workstation setup checklist
  • … and more

Please take full advantage of this giveaway. It’s all for you!

16 thoughts on “FREE E-book: How to set up your workstation”

  1. do you have anything for on going peroneal tendinitis (outside of ankle with on going) swelling both ankles? And leg exercise to improve one weaker leg?

    • Hey Mark,

      I don’t have a specific blog post on Peroneal Tendinitis. However – you might benefit from some of the exercises mentioned on this post: Ankle Sprain treatment.

      In regards to strengthening a weaker leg: Try to perform single leg biased exercises such as lunges, staggered dead lifts, bulgarian split squat, single leg squat.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.


  2. Hi Mark
    I would like to know where we can book a time to see you? Any number or a practice we should call?

  3. Mark,
    I have been diagnosed with swayback from an x-ray. I have lower back pain almost all the time especially when I stand a lot. I plan to follow your exercises and stretches. I do have a question about posture when I relax and read. I sit on a piece of dense foam with my legs out straight (my heels “drop” over the edge) and I lean my back against another dense foam triangle. Is this reading position bad for my posture?


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