Winged Scapula Exercises

What is a Winged Scapula? A Winged Scapula (also known as Scapula Alata) is when the medial (inner) border of the shoulder blade protrudes off the rib cage. (Ideally – it should sit completely flat!) A Winged Scapula can be observed in: Normal resting posture (static) and/or Certain shoulder movements (dynamic). The content presented on this … Read more

Best Exercises for Hip Bursitis

What is Hip Bursitis? Hip bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa in the hip region. (Also related to: Trochanteric bursitis, Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome, Glute tendonitis, ITB issues.) The bursa is a sac of fluid which sits under the tendons/muscles. (Its role is to reduce friction between sliding tissues.) What Causes Hip Bursitis? Hip … Read more

How to get rid of a Headache (caused by muscles)

This blog post contains the best exercises on how to get rid of a headaches that is caused by muscles. Note: Target the muscles that refer pain to the area where you experience your headaches. (Keep in mind – the indicated referral pattern of the headaches serve as a general guideline. There is a degree … Read more

The 40 Most Effective Bunion Exercises

What is a Big Toe Bunion? A big toe Bunion is a bony prominence at the base of the big toe. It is associated with the: Deviation of the big toe to the side. (Hallux Valgus) Increased space between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones. Apart from the obvious aesthetic issue, it can also lead … Read more

How to Fix Uneven Shoulders

What is Uneven Shoulders? Uneven shoulders is the asymmetrical position between the left and right shoulder. The 2 most common presentations: 1. Uneven shoulder heights “… Why do I have one shoulder higher than the other?” As viewed from the front/back, there will be an observable: Higher shoulder and a Lower shoulder 2. One shoulder more forward … Read more

How to fix Text Neck Syndrome

Is your mobile phone destroying your posture? The year is 2021. Technology, as we know it, has advanced to a whole new level. We have smart phones! The world – now easily accessible with just a swipe of a finger. (… and usually done so with a bad posture) … And the result? Text neck syndrome. “Hey Mark! – … Read more

My Morning Routine

You wake up. Get out of bed. Go to the bathroom/shower/toilet. You eat your breakfast. And then you go to work… Does this roughly sound like your daily morning routine? Humans… We are creatures of habit… The question is: Is your habit helping you? What if I told you that all you need is a … Read more

The 8 characteristics of a good ergonomic chair

How can you sit with good posture if your chair doesn’t even support you? Finding the right ergonomic chair may seem like a daunting task at first. You probably have some questions such as… How do I know if a chair is suitable for me? What are the main features to look out for? Do … Read more

101 tips to improve your posture

Welcome to the ULTIMATE list of ways to improve your posture… everyday! Here’s the brutal truth about posture… A vast majority of us have absolutely shocking posture. … and it’s becoming an increasingly urgent and growing issue! Back pain. Shoulder pain. Neck pain. … You name it. All this pain from bad posture! If you’re serious about … Read more