How to improve Ankle Dorsiflexion

Ankle Dorsiflexion is the movement where the ankle (Talocrural joint) is bent in a backwards direction. Why is it so important? Having full ankle dorsiflexion is ESSENTIAL in your posture and movement. This is especially true for when you are moving! (walking, running, squatting and jumping) Restricted ankle mobility can lead to undesirable compensations throughout your entire … Read more

Cortisone Shot: Everything you need to know

Image courtesy of jscreationzs at So… you’ve gone to the doctor and they said you need to get a Cortisone shot! (Oh no!) You might be thinking: “… What exactly is it? …What do I do? …Will it hurt?” This blog post will cover… absolutely everything you will ever need to know when considering getting the … Read more

Core exercises

Key points to consider: When performing the following core exercises: Keep the lower back COMPLETELY flat against the floor… ALL OF THE TIME. It is imperative that you do not let your lower back arch and lift off the ground. There should be NO tension in your lower back whilst performing these exercises. Think about keeping … Read more

Best sleeping position

The purpose of this post is to answer the question of: “What is the best sleeping position to promote good posture?” What to expect in this post: The importance of your sleeping posture What is the best position to sleep? Exercises to do before you sleep How to test if a mattress is suitable for … Read more

Glute Activation Exercises

… Are you struggling to engage your glutes? Here is a list of the best Glute Activation Exercises! The best Glute Activation Exercises Focus on feeling the glute muscles engage as you perform the exercises. I recommend doing these exercises every day. STEP 1 – Start here Performing the following stretches will help the Glute … Read more

Proper Posture For Driving (plus exercises)

Image courtesy of suphakit73 at … Do you drive? I am certain that a vast majority of you reading this blog will drive to work on a regular basis. Let’s say that average person spends approximately 60 minutes in the car per day. That’s 30 minutes to work and 30 minutes on the return trip back home. … Read more

FREE E-book: How to set up your workstation

ATTENTION: Your workstation setup may be the cause of your bad posture! Well… You’re in luck! I have decided to give away this FREE e-book that I wrote to help you address this very problem! This e-book will guide you through the simple strategies on how to adjust your workstation to fit you. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do something … Read more