How to Fix Flared Ribs

What are Flared Ribs? If you are wondering “Why do my ribs stick out?”, it is likely that you have Flared Ribs! Flared Ribs is where the lower portion at the front of your rib cage protrudes forwards and outwards. It is associated with an increased arch of the lower back. Flared Ribs Vs Normal Ideally … Read more

How to Fix Knee Valgus

What is Knee Valgus? The Knee Valgus deformity (Genu Valgum) is where the knees cave inwards towards the mid line of the body. It is also referred to as being “knock knee” (… or having “no thigh gap”). Characteristics a) Hip Internal Rotation (+Hip Adduction) This is where the hip collapses towards the mid line. b) … Read more

13 Upper Back Stretches for Pain Relief

Answer this: Do you suffer from mid to upper back pain? This blog post is dedicated to showing you 13 of the most effective upper back stretches to help provide pain relief in this area. Start here To get the most out of all of the upper back stretches, it is strongly recommended that you … Read more

Gastrocnemius Stretch (7 Simple Ways)

Do you have tight calf muscles? This blog post will go through the 7 best ways to perform a Gastrocnemius Stretch. Gastrocnemius Release To get the most out of the following exercises, perform this release technique before you start any of the Gastrocnemius stretches. a) How to Release the Gastrocnemius Instructions: Firstly: Go for a … Read more

13 Gluteus Medius Stretches for Tight Hips

Looking for the best stretches to help loosen up a painful and/or tight Gluteus Medius? This blog post covers the 13 best Gluteus Medius Stretches. Gluteus Medius Release Releasing the Gluteus Medius will help relax the tight muscle and potentially make the following stretches even more effective. Instructions: Lie on the floor. Place the Gluteus … Read more

11 Back Stretches For Lower Back Pain

This blog post contains the 11 best Back Stretches for lower back pain. These stretches are designed to: a) Reclaim the normal movements in your lumbar spine. b) Reduce the over-sensitivity of the lower back structures. c) Minimize stiffness. Back stretches for Lower back Pain The following back stretches for lower back pain are designed … Read more

Levator Scapulae Stretches

Are you looking for the best Levator Scapulae Stretches? This blog post should help relax your tight neck! What causes a tight Levator Scapulae? Certain postures (See bottom of post for more information.) Shrugged shoulders Looking towards one side. (Eg. Using a computer) Using phone between the shoulder and head How do I know if … Read more

Neck Pain at Base of The Skull

If you have pain in the Base of the Skull, it is likely that you have tightness, tension and/or over-activity in the following muscles: Sub-Occipitals Upper Trapezius Splenius Capitis Semispinalis Capitis Sternocleidomastoid (Note: Please see your doctor if you are not sure if the pain in the base of your skull is coming from the … Read more

The 5 Best Sternocleidomastoid Stretches

The Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) is a neck muscle that is generally tight in the vast majority of people. It may be involved with issues such as: Forward Head Posture Inefficient breathing patterns Headaches Stiffness in the neck This blog post post contains the 5 best ways to perform Sternocleidomastoid stretches. Do this first: Before performing the … Read more