Best Exercises For Sciatica (With Pictures)

Sciatica refers to the neurological symptoms (such as burning pain, tingling and numbness) down the back of the leg. These symptoms are a result of irritation of the Sciatic Nerve. This blog post contains exercises that will help you get pain relief from Sciatica. The 3 main causes of Sciatica that will be addressed in … Read more

The 6 Best Chin Tuck Exercises

A Chin Tuck is a movement of the neck which involves retraction of the chin. Benefits of Chin Tucks This blog post offers 6 different variations of the chin tuck exercise. 3 Important Things To Address Before Starting The Chin Tuck Exercises 1. Deep Neck Flexors Before starting the chin tuck exercise, I’ll need to … Read more

How To Treat An Ankle Sprain At Home (Fast Recovery)

This blog post is a comprehensive guide which contains the best treatment (including exercises, stretches and strategies) to help fix an ankle sprain at home. Possible structures that can be injured (but not limited to): (* Note: If you can not place your full body weight on your injured ankle and suspect that you may … Read more

12 VMO Exercises To Strengthen Your knee

This blog post covers 12 best VMO Exercises that will help strengthen your knee. The Vastus Medialis Oblique (or VMO for short) is a muscle which is involved with extension of the knee, knee stability and optimal tracking of the patella (knee cap). Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) Strengthening Exercises The following exercises have been arranged … Read more

15 Tips to Fix Mid Back Pain (Exercises and Stretches)

This blog post will offer the best exercises, stretches and strategies to help fix mid back pain. How to fix Mid Back Pain 1. Aggravating Activities2. Heat Pack3. Pain Cream4. Pain Medication5. Releases6. Decompression7. Mid Back Stretch8. Torso twist9. Cat/Cow10. Mid Back Strengthening11. Hunchback Posture12. Scoliosis13. Seek Professional Advice14. Differential Diagnosis15. Ask Me A Question … Read more

The 7 Best Lower Trap Exercises

This blog post contains 7 different ways to perform lower trap exercises. Lower Trapezius Exercises can help with good posture, scapula stability and optimal shoulder mechanics. Before you start the Exercises, you will need to learn how to engage the Lower Trapezius. The Lower Trapezius is a muscle which is involved with scapular: How To … Read more

Exercises and Stretches for Subscapularis Tendon Pain

This blog post contains: The best exercises and stretches for Subscapularis tendon pain. The Subscapularis is a muscle that is part of the rotator cuff and plays an important role in stabilizing the shoulder. Injury to the Subscapularis tendon include: (The exercises shown on this blog post can be beneficial for all types of injury … Read more

Hip Flexor Injury Exercises

This blog post contains exercises, stretches and strategies to help fix a Hip Flexor injury. The Hip Flexors are a group of muscles which are involved with flexion of the hip. (Think of the movement of hip flexion as the knee being lifted up towards the chest.) There are many muscles in the hip which … Read more