Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis Exercises

What is Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis? Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the gap (Foramina) between the bones of the lower back. (It is also related to Facet Joint Dysfunction/Facet Arthropathy.) Symptoms Pain in the lower back Sharp pinching pain when spine is extended and/or side bent to the same side of the Foraminal … Read more

Tail Bone Pain Exercises

Tail Bone Pain is pain that is experienced in the Coccyx region. It is also referred to as Coccydynia. This blog post will cover the best exercises to address your tail bone pain. Exercises for Tail Bone Pain Step 1: Implement These Tips Step 2: Reduce Inflammation Step 3: Releases Step 4: Stretches Step 5: … Read more

Exercises for Deep Neck Flexors

What are the Deep Neck Flexors? The Deep Neck Flexors are a group of muscles responsible for achieving and maintaining the ideal position of your head and neck. It includes the following muscles: Longus Colli and Longus Capitis Deep Neck Flexor Test Are your Deep Neck Flexor muscles strong or weak? Find out now by … Read more

How to Improve Reaching Your Hand Behind Back

This blog post covers the best exercises and stretches to improve your ability to reach behind your back. How far Should I be able To Reach behind my back? Ideally – you should be able to reach your hand to the level of the shoulder blades. (Keep in mind – it is common to have … Read more

Neck Decompression Exercises

Does your neck feel tight, squashed or compressed? The following Neck Decompression Exercises can help reduce the amount of pressure on the structures in the neck. These exercise may help with the following conditions: Nerve Impingement in the Cervical Spine Referred pain/tingling/numbness down the arm Disc Bulge/Herniations Osteoarthritis Tight neck muscles How to Decompress your … Read more

5 Knees Over Toes Exercises

Here are 5 knee strengthening exercises which encourage the knees over toes position. The knees over toes position is a great way to build strength and resilience in your knees! WAIT – BEFORE YOU START THE EXERCISES! Make sure that you have an adequate amount of ankle dorsiflexion. Ankle Dorsiflexion is the movement where the … Read more

Serratus Anterior Stretch

This blog post contains 7 of the best ways to perform a Serratus Anterior stretch. Start here: Serratus Anterior Release Before stretching the Serratus Anterior, it is recommended to release this tight muscle first. Instructions Lie down on your side. (The side that will be stretched will be the one that is closest to the … Read more

14 Effective Adductor Stretches

Do you have tightness or pain in the groin? This blog post covers 14 simple (but very effective) ways to stretch the adductor muscles. Warm Up Before starting the stretches to the inner thigh, it is highly recommended that you perform the following warm up routine. …Why? To reduce the risk of a strain! 1. … Read more

How To Fix Big Toe Joint Pain

Do you have pain in the big toe? If you do – it is very likely that you are experiencing pain in the joint at the base of the big toe. This region is referred to as the 1st Metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. This blog post contains a comprehensive list of the exercises and stretches that … Read more

11 Abdominal Stretches To Reduce Tightness

This blog post contains the best Abdominal Stretches to address a tight stomach region. Benefits of stretching the Abdominal muscles: Do you sit with a slouched posture in your chair throughout the day? If you are like most people – You probably sit like this. In this position, the abdominal muscles (Rectus Abdominis, Internal/External Oblique) … Read more